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Visualizations for 1854 London Cholera Outbreak (data created and compiled by Robin Wilson (, - Jan 2011) | 1851 UK Census Data (
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1854 London Cholera Outbreak
Source: Robin Wilson (,
Data Files Description (Fields) What I did to the data
choleraDeaths.tsv Attacks and Deaths on particular day
(date, attacks and deaths)
Formatted the Date field,
Computed total attacks and deaths up to a day
naplesCholeraAgeSexData.tsv Deaths by Sex per 10,000 inhabitants of that age group
(age, male, female)
Melted the data to stack male and female fields into single field for visualizations
choleraDeathLocations.csv Number of deaths on given latitude and longitude
(deaths, lat, lng)
Added column headings
choleraPumpLocations.csv Location of pumps
(lat, lng)
Added column headings
1851 UK Census Data
Data Files Description (Fields) What I did to the data
UKcensus1851.csv Male and Female Population by Age Group
(age, male and female)
Computed total number of male and female population,
Melted the data to convert male and female columns to single column
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1854 Cholera Outbreak
Cholea Fatalities Charts and Tables
Charts and Tables showing the data of 1854 Cholera Fatalities
Cholera Fatalaties Maps
Cholea Fatalities Maps
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1851 UK Census Data
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Visualizations showing 1851 UK Census Data
1854 Cholera Outbreak
Findings Reports | John Snow's beliefs
Maximum nuber of attacks(143) occured on Sep,1. And the pump handle was removed on Sept, 8. The number of attacks on Sep, 8 were 12. Even though the pump handle was removed about a week later from Sep,1 the attacks had already declined by about 91%. Snow explained: There is no doubt that the mortality was much diminished, as I said before, by the flight of the population, which commenced soon after the outbreak; but the attacks had so far diminished before the use of the water was stopped, that it is impossible to decide whether the well still contained the cholera poison in an active state, or whether, from some cause, the water had become free from it.
Number of Attacks declined even before the pump handle was removed
From the map it can be seen that most of the deaths are clustered around the area of Broadstreet Pump which is now-a-days the BroadWick Street. In Snow's words: On proceeding to the spot, I found that nearly all the deaths had taken place within a short distance of the [Broad Street] pump
Maximum number of deaths around BroadStreet Pump Location (areas marked in circle's)
Some larger bubbles can be seen away from the Broad Street Pump and closer to other pumps. Reports have stated that deaths situated closer to other street pumps were mainly because people preferred the water of the Broad Street pump to that of pumps which were nearer, or children went to the school near the pump in the Broad Street.
Areas away from BroadStreet pump(shown in circles) with large number of deaths due to preference for BroadStreet pump water
Some areas near the BroadStreet Pump suffered minimum Cholera Attacks. Two of the anomalies were: Broad Street Brewery and Work House. According to the reports people in the Brewery had access to free beer, so they didn't drank water and moreover they had their own water supply. The WorkHouse also had their own well.
Marked areas represents those with minimum fatalaties despite their proximity to BroadStreet water pump.
Most of the people who contracted cholera belonged to the age group of over 80.
People over the age of 80 constituted most of the Cholera fatalaties
1851 UK Census Data
1851 UK population consisted of 51% females and 49% males.
Pie chart showing population distribution on the basis of sex
25% of the total population are children with ages 0 to 9. Whereas, only 0.5% of total population constituted people with age above 80.
In most of the age groups the number of females are more than the number of males.
Table and Plots show the distribution of population of different age groups and gender